RST Pellets

made from high quality natural renewable raw materials
Premium Packaging

RST Premium Gold

Beech / some spruce pellets

Diameter: 6 mm
Calorific value: 4,9 kWh / kg
Ash content: 0,6 %
Water content: 6,6 %

The characteristic reddish color of the wood from the region shows the increased energy content.

Premium Packaging

RST Premium Platin

Pure spruce pellets

Diameter: 6 mm
Calorific value: 4,8 kWh / kg
Ash content: 0,5 %
Water content: 6,0 %

Certified according to the
ENPlus A1 standard

Premium Pellets with

Premium Packaging

Quality pallets

guarantee the security for several reloads


built for stability and many reloads

Pellets in big bag

Large containers with a filling weight of 1,000 kg

On request
bags made from recycled plastic

Heating with RST pellet

The pellets are made from renewable raw materials and, thanks to their CO2 neutrality, make an important contribution to protecting the environment and the climate.