Material & manufacturing process at the highest level
RST Premium Pellet

High quality material

The pellets are made from renewable raw materials and, thanks to their CO2 neutrality, make an important contribution to protecting the environment and the climate.

RST PELLETS are mainly produced from industrial wood. Our products are of excellent quality and are made from beech and spruce wood.

Latest technology

Innovative debarking process

Our pellet plant is equipped with the latest technology. Our innovative debarking process guarantees a thorough cleaning of the wood and produces pellets of excellent quality with little ash development for a clean heating.

The bark from processing the round timber is used for biomass heating and provides the heat for drying.

For a clean heating

Gentle drying

Belt drying with heat recovery treats the material gently and the calorific value remains in the product. The characteristic reddish color of the wood from the region shows the increased energy content.

The market leader's presses guarantee high quality pellets with a high calorific value.

RST Pellets save energy
with efficient drying

RST Premium Pellet

Our premium packaging

RST Pemium Gold

Beech / some spruce pellets

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RST Pemium Platin

Pure spruce pellets

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