Most modern and innovative pellet factory in Croatia
Pellet factory Delnice

Our production facility

Our plant in Delnice is the most modern pellet plant in Croatia. Our innovative debarking, gentle belt drying and high-quality presses are equipped with the latest technology and guarantee excellent quality with a high calorific value and clean combustion.

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Our location

The RST plant is located in the heart of one of the largest contiguous forest areas in Europe. This guarantees short transport routes for the raw material to Austria, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia as well as to the Adriatic ports.

70,000 tons / year
production capacity

modern technology

our advantages

  • The bark from the processing of the round wood provides the heat for drying.
  • The biomass heating uses the bark from the processing of the round wood.
  • Belt drying with heat recovery treats the material gently.
  • The market leader's presses guarantee high quality pellets with a high calorific value.
  • Bagging and palletizing: built for stability and a lot of reloading.
RST Pellet

Managing directors

Mr. Richard Stückler
Director & Owner

Mr. Hans Waschnig
Executive Director & Sales Coordination

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